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Online money wire transfers

Whether you wish to wire money from bank to bank (bank to bank money transfer) or simply send money online to bank account, Mayzus Financial Services can do online wire money transfers for you to and from any country in the world. International online money wiring is safe and secure, and Mayzus Financial Services offers its customers excellent rates and efficient execution of transfers. The cost of wire money transfer can be paid by sender or recipient, or be shared between the parties.

You can send money online to bank account can be made at any of our branches, via our agent network or through our Call Centre. Give us details of the recipient bank account and we will ensure that the specified amount is paid to that account as quickly as possible.

You can use the Mayzus Financial Services online money wiring service as soon as you have registered by completing our simple online registration form, which enables you to log on. We need your details in order to meet regulatory requirements and to help us communicate with you. You will need to provide us with some form of ID for your first online money wire transfer and we will also verify your address by SMS-texting or e-mailing you an Address Verification Code, which you enter on our website online. This can be done after you initiate the online money wire transfer, but we cannot make the payment to the recipient until we have received your ID and verified your address.

Bank transfer via Mayzus Financial Services

  1. Open a MoneyPolo account

  2. Pay in the required sum on your account.

  3. Use the Bank Transfer page of our website to place a bank transfer order. The money will be transferred straight away to the account, which you specify. We can notify you of transfer progress by SMS-text, e-mail or telephone.

Please, contact us for details or if you have any inquiries or concerns.