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EgoPay is an online currency that offers easy and inexpensive way to pay for online purchases of goods and services via Internet. The transfer fee is 1.5% (minimum price is 1 USD or 1 EUR).  The service... Learn more


We, in Money Polo company, are permanently seeking new opportunities to become financially and geographically closer to our clients. Thanks to entering into partnership with Uremit, we can reach out to... Learn more


Dear customers,please note that our Prague offices will be closed for operations on Thursdays the 8th of May. London office is running as per usual.... Learn more

Welcome to Mayzus Financial Services

UWCFS completed changing its name to the well-known brand Mayzus. UWC Financial Services Ltd is now officially known as Mayzus Financial Services Ltd.

Mayzus Brand Structure

Our head company, Mayzus Investment Company, is now implementing a strategy to rename and rebrand all its sister companies, operating in over 140 countries. Mayzus Investment Company Mayzus is constantly expanding its network not only in the financial sphere but also in building, insurance, cargo shipping, and security fields.
Mayzus Financial Services Ltd is a result of rebranding of UWC Financial Services Ltd. Mayzus Financial Services Mayzus Financial Services Ltd is incorporated in the United Kingdom (6721866) and is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Payment Institution for the provision of Payment Services.
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Our services and products will remain the same high quality services you are used to but will soon be even more convenient. Meet each of our products or become a partner of Mayzus.